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Ballast and Bulb Replacement

K iss Electric can easily replace obsolete fluorescent lighting. Replacing older ballasts with newer and more efficient options is extremely affordable. With our ballast and bulb replacement service, you can obtain quiet replacements that perform with the proficiency of today’s modern technology. Newer versions provide a higher level of energy efficiency that can reduce your overhead costs while also providing a quiet source of lighting.

Any commercial building (hospital, retail store, school, warehouse, etc.) that was built prior to 1988 and hasn’t had its lighting fixtures upgraded, in most cases still has the older magnetic-style of fluorescent ballast that emits PCBs in place. These lighting systems pose a real health risk and fire hazard and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Fluorescent T5 Ballasts Replacement


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Fluorescent T5 Ballasts

After 1988, all new construction requires the use of newer styles of ballasts that are more energy efficient. They feature a longer lifespan and cooler operation. The efficiency is dependent on the age of building and systems in place. Magnetic ballasts created after 1988 tend to consume energy even when they aren’t currently turned on with a lamp in place. This makes them less desirable than the more advanced electronic ballasts that are now available. The electronic ballasts use much less power and operate at a higher frequency. The electronic versions function at cooler temperatures, emitting less heat than earlier magnetic styles. This provides a longer lifespan for the lamp and energy savings as well. Recent advances in technology include hybrid ballasts, which operate through a combination of electromagnetic technology coupled with electronic components. One of the benefits of using a hybrid ballasts is that they can operate for 25 years.

Kiss Electric can help you determine the type of lighting system you have and the options that are available for your upgrade. Retrofitting your lighting system with newer styles of ballasts and bulbs can reduce your overall maintenance costs.

Kiss Electric specializes in many commercial services, along with residential and industrial electrical work. Please call Kiss Electric today to refit your business with new ballast and bulb replacements.


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