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Kiss Electric, Levittown, Pa 19057 - Electrical Wiring and Rewiring Service Image Existing home wiring and electrical systems are basic necessities in every house or building today. The age of the structure, renovations or significant increase in power demand can make your home’s electrical system obsolete. Kiss Electric has over 20 years of repairing and rewiring electrical systems. Our commercial and residential electrical wiring service covers the Greater Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Our licensed residential electricians understand the complex electrical needs, complete all work according to code, and implement safe home wiring and rewiring procedures.

Typical home wiring involves the installation of a complete electrical system including the outlets and switches attached to it. We can handle home wiring for additions, conversion of an attic, basement, or garage. Call Kiss Electric today about our residential electrical wiring service or contact us for a free electrical wiring quote.

Electrical Rewiring Services

Kiss Electric specializes in home rewiring services of older buildings, in particular, require updated wiring (home rewiring) in order to keep up with modern demands for electrical power. Many older homes are not designed to accommodate higher amperage or multiple appliances. Home rewiring can easily correct this scenario, while preventing unnecessary electrical problems such as tripped circuit breakers, faulty outlets, and blinking lights. Simple rewiring scenarios that a homeowner might attempt on his own do not provide the experience or qualifications needed to rewire an entire building. For that type of job, only a licensed electrician is qualified.

Before beginning the task of rewiring your building or home, your Kiss electrician will assess your home’s existing wiring and create a list of necessary procedures to implement. It may be necessary to bring your home wiring up to code, replace it in its entirety, or complete partial rewiring for the building. As a local and licensed electrician, Kiss Electric has the skills, knowledge, and expertise to complete any electrical rewiring service successfully and efficiently. Call Kiss Electric today about our residential electrical rewiring service or ask for a free rewiring quote.

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