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O ffering the best quality industrial electrician and electrical services for our industrial clients, Kiss Electric, LLC strives to deliver exceptional work that meets or exceeds the specialized needs of businesses within the industrial sector. Our industrial electricians have undergone years of formal training in order to become properly licensed to complete any type of industrial electrical repair or project. Through years of dedicated service, they have perfected their skills to become some of the best industrial electricians in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

At Kiss Electric our industrial electricians understand the importance of fully functional electrical systems in meeting the daily operational needs of manufacturing and industrial facilities. We have unparalleled experience, knowledge and professionalism which allows us to handle sophisticated and large scale projects. A well-planned electrical installation can lower overhead costs and provide years of excellent equipment performance.

H2: Industrial Electrical Services | Levittown, Pa

Kiss electricians have the expertise needed to perform an entire array of industrial electrical services for industrial businesses. A well-planned electrical installation can lower your overhead costs, protect your business, and provide your company with years of excellent equipment performance.

Each of the following types of projects is included in this assortment:


  • Lighting installation, retrofits, and replacements\
  • Energy savings
  • Improvements
  • Remodeling
  • Safety services
  • Security systems
  • Troubleshooting strategies for problematic issues

Kiss Electric will make arranging for industrial electrical work seamless. Contact our company and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members to schedule an appointment for the work needed. With our extensive team of certified and trained electricians we are available immediately to perform the industrial electrical work needed.


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