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Solar By Kiss, Levittown, Pa 19057 - Residential Solar Energy Image A residential solar energy system will slash or even eliminate your monthly electric utility bill. With electric costs skyrocketing at more than twice the rate of inflation, a residential solar energy panel system generates excellent value today and security for the future. When you produce more solar power energy than your home currently uses, the solar electricity flows back to the power grid, making your meter spin backwards which earns you credits with the utility company.

State and federal incentives typically cover over 50% of the cost of a solar energy panel system. The final net cost of a residential solar energy panel installation is paid back early in the lifetime of the solar equipment. This strong return on investment (ROI) makes purchasing a solar energy system a smart home improvement investment.

With a residential solar energy system installed, solar homes tend to sell faster and typically have a higher value than similar properties. The solar system does not have any moving parts and requires no fuel to function. There is very little maintenance that is required by the homeowner.

Solar Energy Benefits

With a residential solar energy system installed, you can secure predictable electricity costs for years to come.

Generate your own power and stop paying the utility company!

Solar energy creates 91% less CO2 pollution than natural gas and 96% less CO2 than coal.

Clean solar energy provides us with an unlimited and reliable source of renewable energy.

  • Once solar panels are installed, they produce energy without generating waste or pollution.
  • They operate with little maintenance or intervention.
  • Support a clean environment, by producing your energy from the sun.
  • Solar electric generation is economically competitive, where grid connection or fuel transport is difficult, costly or
  • impossible.Operating costs are low when compared to existing power technologies.
  • A solar panel saves approximately 0.7 pounds of coal per kWh, or 2 pounds of carbon dioxide per kWh.

Solar Energy Installation Process

  • Site survey to decide on the best residential solar energy system and racking system that best suits you.
  • Get proper interconnection paperwork submitted to the utilities, and obtain proper permits.
  • Mount the solar panels on roof or stand-alone racking system.
  • Connect your panels to the panel and start metering and commissioning with local utility.
  • Monitor and START SAVING
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